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Don’t worry, I am not going to burst into a chorus of songs from Sound of Music. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may have floated Maria’s boat, but for me, I have a more modest taste. In my search to find more efficiencies and get a better return from what I do I have found a few little gems that have really helped.

Since I am not one to keep things to myself, let me share a few of my favourite things.

You’ve probably never heard of it. I certainly hadn’t until a short while ago.

Business TipsI run my business accounts through Xero. Xero offers me a simple way to keep track of payments, chase invoices when needed and avoid hefty accountancy costs. It is a cloud-based system that I can access anywhere and it makes my business life a little easier.

What I always detested was having to input receipts and payments into Xero which I could then reconcile against the bank account.

Entryless solved this for me. Let me clarify…

Entryless allows you to photograph your receipts and invoices, or email invoices directly to a dedicated address. They then read the information and sync it straight into Xero for me. It means I don’t have to input payments or receipts, it is all done for me. All I need to do is reconcile against the bank.

I think it has saved me 5-6 hours a month, or a whole day. I had considered outsourcing this to a bookkeeper or admin assistant as it was a task I really disliked. However, Entryless has solved it instead.

What makes it better is that Entryless will process 300 payments or receipts every month for free! That is a whole day back, a whole task I disliked gone, all for no cost.

If you use any cloud-based accounting system then take a look at Entryless. I am not on commission, I just wish I had found it 3 years ago.

Karen Yankovich

Who? That’s what I thought when I found a link to Karen. My first opinion was that it was another social media site that promised much, delivered little and then tried to charge me to know more, but alas I was wrong!

Karen runs a 30 day Linkedin improvement programme. Every day you get a link to a 1-2 minute video where Karen talks you through different parts of your LinkedIn profile. It takes all of 5 minutes every day, you change, update or amend parts of your profile so in 30 days you have a super efficient, SEO enhanced and relevant profile.

There are things Karen charges for but this 30-day programme is completely free. I have just finished it, it is another thing I wish I had found ages ago.

Juan Lopez & His LinkedIn Header

I have never met nor do I know Juan. All I know is that he has made a template from which you can design your own Linkedin header image.

The template shows which parts of the header are not shown, which parts are always visible and what parts get hidden on mobile devices.

At the moment, this template continues to sit in my inbox but it is a genuinely helpful little thing that I will use when I get round to it.

For most of us in business, LinkedIn is too key not to get right.


This is a little left field but it has saved me several times. Anker makes screen protectors for smartphones and tablets.

If you are like me then you will have gone to a networking meeting, dropped your phone on the table, dropped it on the floor then dropped it again when getting in the car. My problem is not being clumsy but that I rely on the phone to stay in touch. It is more than a phone, it is my connection to my clients.

Anker makes simply hardened glass screen protectors which fit seamlessly onto your device and take the impact instead of your screen.

For £5.99 each I have saved myself some expensive phone repairs. I am now on my 3rd Anker screen protector, my phone meanwhile is still 100% intact.

All this means my clients get a little more of my time and I can do those little extra things for them that my peers don’t have the time for.

By David Farmer of Lime Consultancy.


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