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Imagine the scene; an intimate, informal gathering of eight invigorated business entrepreneurs and one motivational speaker, coming together to offer support and gain priceless advice.

Sussex Pages’ is taking the lead, bringing a diverse range of businesses together in a brand-new venture, ‘The Directors’ Hub. Launching on the 25th January 2018, at a prestigious location in Brighton, the first buzzing Hub is already sold out with an eclectic mix joining us around the table.

The Directors’ Hub will be overlooked by an allocated Chair, professional and calming; they will have a variety of guest speakers, specially chosen for their talents and callings; and will have a plethora of golden advice from those who have walked your paths before you. What better way of getting the experts’ opinions than straight from their mouths?

Directors Hub
Sussex Pages is offering these exclusive think tanks as a way of building bridges, offering connections and inspiring people to think outside the box to develop innovative solutions to the problems their businesses are facing. Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to revitalise and solve a stagnant problem, sometimes a new pair of eyes is needed to just point out something you’ve overlooked, sometimes a business needs to ask for help to move forward.

Each Directors’ Hub will have a maximum of twelve businesses to ensure that they get their time to talk, and have the other businesses focus on their problems – this encourages maximum value for money with each business making the most of their time. Sussex Pages is offering a pay as you go option for £25 per meeting or £125 as an annual paid subscription. 

Joining the Hub not only gives businesses a better deal to come along to our exclusive venture, The Directors’ Hub, bi-monthly at prestigious venues but also grants access to invitations to other networking events and free creative workshops and seminars. 

Running a business shouldn’t be hard work, but at the times it is, it is good to know you can access support and advice when you need it. The Entrepreneurs Business Network brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of industry and the Directors’ Hub encourages sharing and growth together.


- Coffee and Chat – Business Introductions

- Business Cream – Insights from a Special Guest 

- Feel-good Flavour – Entrepreneurs’ Feedback 

- Sprinkles and Toppings – Resolutions and Moving Forward

Contact Sonny Cutting for an invitation.

The Power of Business Networking

Networking is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities in business. Some people relish the opportunity to dive into a busy room and engage with their peers, while some find networking daunting and difficult. Whatever your position is, networking is without question one of the most successful ways to grow your company and serves as an opportunity to market your brand, with you as its public figure. Therefore, how you interact with others will affect how they view your business as a whole.

Business Networking
One thing that is important to learn before networking is that you aren’t there to merely collect customers. If you attend sessions with the intention of not listening to others or engaging in conversation, then perhaps networking isn’t for you.

The power of networking comes through its capacity to help you build a network of supportive companies. This is a much more productive way to utilise a networking group and will likely see you gain more clients through your good reputation, rather than an intense sales pitch.

Business Tradeshows like Net XP, conferences and local networking like the HHBA or the Gatwick Diamond events can also be an excellent chance to learn and share knowledge with other business people in your area. Business is a continually evolving landscape and by networking with others, you may gain insight into business topics you are currently facing issues with, as well as be able to impart your acumen to others who are struggling with something you may have already gone through. This is particularly useful if you’re a smaller business, where the opportunity to share thoughts is often limited, especially if you work remotely at home or in a co-working habitat.



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